Green & Sustainable Business Matching

Axon Consultancy Sdn Bhd and The ASEAN Green Chamber of Commerce is jointly bringing a series of Business Networking Session to match the various green products introduced to us to the various business who see potentials or needs it.

The Green Business Matching is an effort that are aimed to provide a platform to connect business to businesses that are contributing to the green and sustainability of the ecosystem for our future generation.

There are 2 main stages to this business matching service. They are:

Stage 1 – Companies may indicate what they are selling that are contributing to green and sustainability development; OR indicate what they are searching for greener and sustainability growth.

Stage 2 – Axon Consultancy and The ASEAN Green Chamber of Commerce will study into each requirements and bring good matches together to facilitate initiate discussion.

If you are interested to explore this opportunity, please fill in the form below: