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High School Student or Graduate

The Advanced Self-Directed Search application is an application that was
developed using a proven theory to assist individuals to identify their suitable occupation.

Students may use this software application to identify their suitable occupation based on an individualized profile.



Higher Education Educator

Universities and Colleges play an important role in providing both
vocational as well as academic training to prepare quality graduates for
their desire occupations.

Advanced Self-Directed Search application provides an interface to help
our users to first identify occupation of their interest, then lead them
to suitable vocational or academic trainings that our sponsors are



Career Counselor or Course Counselor

An opinion from an expert can encourage our users when they are
searching for suitable occupation and programme for career advancement.

The Advanced
Self-Directed Search application provides a platform for users to communicate with
experts who are certified by us so that high quality consultancy and support
can be provided to the users. We welcome everyone to join the team in order to
bring high quality guidance to all our users.



Parents or Guardians or Anyone Who Is Concern About Another’s Career

Gone the days when the elderly dictate or set the career path for the younger ones are long outdated. Today’s young minds has their own thoughts and decisions.

Introduce your loved ones to explore our application solution and you can assist by facilitating them in their decision making. You will see them doing what they are inspired to do and let their lights shine!

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