Advanced Self-Directed Search Certified

The Advanced Self-Directed Search Certified is a recognition by Axon Consultancy to our users who have passed our examination. It is to confirm the understanding of the theory behind the Advanced Self-Directed Search and good practices when communicating with people within our system.

This course is suitable for the following group of users:
1) High school students
2) College and University students
3) Users who have not heard about RAISEC

Upon completion, learners shall be able to:
1) Describe briefly the definition of RAISEC
2) Read and Interpret own report
3) Know how to use the ASDS system
4) Seek consultation or contact alike effectively while maintaining practices to protect own self

One who has completed this course will be able to read and understand the report from the system about ourselves.

Key facts:

Training Method100% online
Delivery Language• English
• Chinese
• Malay
Qualified Practicen/a
Training DurationEstimated 10 hours
AssessmentOnline Examination with 100 questions,score 80 to pass.
Who is this training for?High School Students
Entry RequirementsAge > 13

This Programme is….