Business Strategy Professional Level 7


The Business Strategy Professional Level 7 is a training at Master Degree level that is inclusive of a digital simulation. This programme focuses to develop the skills of strategic planning and strategic decision making. It is designed to allow participants to experience the implication of each strategic and tactical decision made through a competitive-based simulation environment within a team-work setup. The Balanced Scorecard used is equipped with a whole range of management reports with data on the team’s performance, profit/loss account, and competitive analysis will be reveal the meta-cognitive learning process.


Objectives of the course:

  • To develop analytical and strategic leadership skills
  • Enhance interpersonal skills
  • To experience an in-depth understanding of the influence of competitors to one’s business
  • To build awareness on the importance of customer’s expectations
  • To understand the integrity and synergy between various department in an organization
  • Understand the importance of cross functional alignment and team work in an organization
  • Learn and apply strategic decisions
  • Develop an understanding of business and communication
  • Develop a logical decision making mind-set
  • Develop a sense of economy for the business environment and ability to use quantitative information (i.e. Profit and Lost statement, financial ratios, budgets, production capacity and etc) for business decision making

Training Highlights:

  • Game based training
  • Real world based simulation
  • Experiencing the results of Artificial Intelligences (AI)
  • Simulate with Real-life Scenarios
  • Learn, Understand and Experience using the Balance Score Card and KPI
  • Risk-free mistakes
  • Soft-skill development
  • Immediate feedback on decisions
  • Spent time during training on quality decision making NOT calculations

Who should attend?

  • Entrepreneurs / Business Owners
  • Senior, Middle level Managers and Executives
  • Supervisors, Manager and Assistant Managers


– Basic knowledge of operating Windows, excel and internet.

Duration and schedule:

Day 1 – 2

  • Briefing and Induction to Business Strategy and Theories
  • Induction to Quantitative Information
  • Organisation Formation
  • System Training
  • Strategy Formation
  • Business Tactic Development
  • Induction to the Digital Simulation System and the Artificial Intelligence
  • Overview of the interface
  • Standard terminology, process and flow

Following Day(s)

  • Strategy familiarisation, formulation, testing
  • Tools, tactics, strategy development
  • Business Strategy Simulation Practices over a period of 8 years with quantitative information.

Second Last Day

  • Business Strategy Simulation over a period of 8 years with own business strategy and quantitative information.

Last Day

  • Overview of the Balance Score Card and KPI
  • Reviewing of Balance Score Card and KPI Results
  • Discussion on Virtual Business Outcome
  • Recommendation and Improvement
  • Individual action plans
  • Business Excellence Framework

Why you should attend the training?

1) Invaluable practical learning without risk. People learn by mistakes – but mistakes in business are expensive. This course provide opportunities to try and fail and receive instant feedback over and over again without risk.

2) Business wide experience without disruption. The simulation touches all aspects of management and simulates strategy & tactics, production, finance, marketing, product quality, change and control, human resource providing a complete immersion experience in the complexities of running a business without moving people

3) Training and Development Intelligence. Insight into strengths and weaknesses of your key people – A Challenging scenario, time pressures, trade-offs and the constant demands of customers, investors and intense competition ensure our simulations whether for training or testing purposes provide an accurate picture of participants strengths weaknesses and development opportunities.

Training Mechanism:

The training will group participants into teams of one to four members, each team will be fully responsible for a virtual organization’s growth and performance over 8 consecutive years while at the same time, they are also put in competition with 4 to 5 other competitors. Each team will be required to make strategy decisions that includes product positions (whether they want to battle in red ocean or blue ocean), marketing (including pricing, promotion, terms, processes involving TQM), Production (including automation, production planning, forecast) and finance (including bonds, stocks, loans and terms). The Artificial Intelligence within the digital simulation system will evaluate the decisions made against other competitors to determine the strength and weakness in the strategic plans that the participants have made by relating each factor against a real world benefits and trade-offs. At the end of the course, a comprehensive debrief session will be held with the participants on the various decisions made, participants will benefits by sharing, reviewing, reflecting and relating the decisions with each other while the facilitator will facilitate in-depth learning using various strategic and business models and frameworks.

Course Assessment

Teams will be broken into individual to complete the full simulation whereby each individual performance will be rated on business success based on the decisions they made over the 8 periods of each simulation rounds that covers the aspect of Research & Development, Marketing, Production, Human Resource, TQM and Finance. These decisions span across the categories in the International Business Excellence Framework. The digital simulation uses an integrated evaluation approach to relate each decisions to the various aspect of the Business Excellence Framework against the results and performance to generate a point and the points will be presented in a Balanced Scorecard.

Final Certificates

At the end of this course successful learners will receive a Certificate of Achievement from ABC Awards and CERTA Awards and a Learner Unit Summary (which lists the components the learner has completed as part of the course). [More Info]

Additional information

Awarding Body

London Examinations Board + CERTA Awards + ABC Awards + Axon Consultancy

Certificate Received

Certificate of Achievement

Difficult Level



Professionals, Seniors, Working Adults, Working Professionals


10 Days (4 face to face days and 6 guided self pace)


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