Understanding Employment Act 1955


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Companies are dealing with unprecedented situation due to the wide spread of the aggressive COVID-19 virus. Many new practices has begun. The new norm in work place requires many employees to work from home while much of the traditional performance measurements were made with the employee being present in the office.
Previously we have permanent staff or yearly contract arrangement and now all seams to be so fragile. Companies are switching to new agreement models.
  • Do you have the knowledge to function within the Employment Act?
  • Are you maintaining what you need to help the court judges in making supportive decisions?
  • Do you know what can you asked for when you are having negotiations on Human Resource issues (e.g. Salary, Commission, Leaves, Discipline, Mis-conduct, Sexual Harassment and etc)
The latest employment act workshop being introduced today is suitable for employers, employees, managers, supervisors, executives, and even workers to know the detail integrity of the act. Case studies will also be shared to help you understand the in and outs of the act.
To obtain Course Outline & Registration Form: https://www.axonconsultancy.com/employmentact1955course/
You may also give us a call for further enquiry. Call: Jean 018 – 298 3229 / Jack 012 – 615 9229


2 Days In-Depth Highly Practical & Experiential Session (Lectures, Discussion, Exercises, Case Studies.


  • To make aware the important sections of the Employment Act 1955 to the Participants.
  • To understand the proper interpretation and the correct implementation of the various provisions of the Employment Act 1955.

Who Should Attend

  • Human Resources Practitioners
  • Management Level
  • Anyone who would like to learn about Employment Act 1955

Course Outline


  • Scope and Objectives of the Act
  • Definition of Wages
  • Rights of persons Earning More thanRM1,500 up to RM5,000 per month
  • Contract of Service
  • Absenteeism, Misconduct Breach of Contract and Due Inquiry
  • Termination of Employment
  • Termination of Employment With or Without Notice
  • Payment and Deduction of Wages


  • Protection of Woman / Maternity Benefits
  • Rest Days & Public Holidays
  • Hours of Work / Payment of Overtime
  • Annual Leave & Sick Leave
  • Complaints and Inquiries
    • Process leading to domestic inquiry

Class Delivery Methods

Lecture, Tutorial, Discussion, Case Studies, Role Play and Brainstorm.

Hybrid (Online or In Training Center) (**During MCO/CMCO, our class will be in Online session.)


A Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon meeting the following criteria.

To qualify for the award of the Certificate, a participant must achieve 100% attendance and participate in all team discussions.


Eunice Lee

  • MBA, International Management Centre (IMC)
  • Certificate in Personnel Management in MIPM
  • Certificate in Training Management
  • Certificate in Knowledge Management
  • Advance Certificate in Knowledge Management


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