Sustainability and Environmental Leadership for Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Who Should Attend

  • C-Suite Executives, Sustainability Managers and Organisational Leaders,
  • SME Management, Business Owners
  • Professional Managers , Sustainability Practitioners, Investors
  • Financiers, Non-Governmental Organisations, Government Agencies

Why Is This Important?

2021 promises change in the way business will be done. Environmental  and Sustainability Leadership will become the new competitive edge for your business and make all the difference.

By attending this course, participants will learn and experience what it takes to be a sustainability and environmental leader, think from a systems perspective and achieve organisational transformation towards a green agenda.


  • Assess Environmental and Sustainability Issues and Challenges facing their Organisation
  • Develop and execute Strategies and Plans to to address in the context of a mult-stakeholder context
  • Adopt necessary leadership skills for organisational and value chain transformation


Participants will be introduced to the concept and practice of (Green) sustainability and environmental leadership.

The focus will be on personal orientation towards the need for eco-centric values and convictions and the relevance of systems thinking. Participants will be familiarised with the trends in climate change and sustainable development goals (SDG), Environment, Sustainable and Governance (ESG) practices and how to transform their organisations to be Green within the context of Stakeholder Engagement and Ownership with a Case Study Exercise.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Sustainability & Environmental Leadership for Business Owners/ Entrepreneurs
  • Making the Ethos Shift; Eco-Centric Values of a Green Leader
  • Systems Thinking in Green Leadership
  • Staying ahead of the Curve

Day 2

  • Basics of Organisational Transformation towards
  • Green Practices/Sustainability Compliance, Certification & Recognition
  • Techniques of Value Chain & Stakeholder Engagement
  • Analysis of Green Business Leadership Strategy Case Study
  • Become a Green Champion
  • Evaluation


The session will be delivered via lecture and discussion. Sample cases will be discussed.


  • A Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon meeting the following criteria.
  • To qualify for the award of the award of the Certificate of achievement, a participant must achieve 100% attendance and participate in all team discussions

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