Higher Education Educators

Universities, Colleges, Vocational and Professional Institutions have been constantly upgrading curriculum based on latest updates to bring the most relevant programmes and courses to students.

A good match between student’s ambition, interest and the programme’s joint helps to increase teacher-student’s engagement as well as teaching-learning outcomes. Additionally, higher quality graduates increases employers confidences to the university.

Axon Consultancy is committed to promote Advanced Self-Directed Search as a free software application to the public. Every individual may use the application to profile themselves to receive suitable occupation recommendation.

Universities, Colleges, Vocation and Professional Institutions are invited to sponsor this effort. Axon Consultancy returns the sponsors with credits that are being valued at the current exchange rate to be used for making various types of appearances to the users after they have chosen their preferred occupation.

The return from this campaign is not like an advertisement that you put in any conventional media such as newspaper or magazine and it is certainly better then new media such as social media and search engines because this arrangement connect only serious sponsors and serious potentials. This is made by the process whereby the users of the system will undergo the process of self-profiling, then occupation identifying and lastly, chosen you  from the other 3 study options; As such, enquiries and applicants via this route would have already decided on their career path as well as their study path.