Food Product Innovation

Who Should Attend

Product Development Managers, Quality Control Managers, Sales and Marketing Managers, Food Scientists and Technologists, Food and Beverage Consultants, and Chefs and Cooks.

Why Is This Important?

Food Product Innovation is important to create new or improved products that meet the needs and preferences of consumers while also satisfying business goals. The main goal of Food Product Innovation is to create innovative and unique food and beverage products that differentiate the business from its competitors and appeal to consumers. These include beverages, enriched drinks, oriental and Malaysian sauces, snacks and other innovative products. Scope includes developing new flavors, trouble-shooting, improving nutritional value, creating packaging that stands out on the shelves, and using new technologies to enhance the quality, safety and needs of consumer of products. 


Product innovation involves identifying market needs, consumer trends, researching ingredients, developing recipes, conducting taste tests and sensory evaluations, and testing the product in the market. 


This programme’s objective is to discuss and simulate ideas for participants in product innovation. Participants shall discuss with the facilitator on the various ideas to explore the potential for product one has in mind. This programme is also an opportunity for different producers to explore opportunities of collaboration


At the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the issues involved in food development like identification of food category, ingredients used, the process and subsequent treatments, and shelf life research;
  • Understand the different stages, efficiency, and shelf life process;
  • Be able to list factors that limit shelf life and suggest formulation, processing, or packaging needed that is appropriate.


DAY 01

  • Introduction to Basic Food Science & Consumer needs
  • Managing Food Business & Risk
  • Product properties and identification

DAY 02

  • Development of Foods
  • Ingredients and properties
  • Hands-on Research and Development
  • Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance
  • Innovation and Sustainability

DAY 03 (half day)

  • Site visit

Customised programme speficially for a industry or category of products is also available.


The session will be delivered via lecture and discussion. Sample cases will be discussed.


  • A Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon meeting the following criteria.
  • To qualify for the award of the award of the Certificate of achievement, a participant must achieve 100% attendance and participate in all team discussions


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