Essential Technique for Human Profiling

Who Should Attend

For Organisation and Corprations;
• Managers
• Supervisors
• Entreprenuers
• HR Managers
• High Potentials


For Better Family;
• Fathers
• Mothers

Why Is This Important?

Profiling is usually the first step in the process of gaining control over your surrounding/environment. Having good understanding on the information will provide an important amount of useful insight into the profile. This knowledge is an essential component in the process of improving the work relationship as well as synergy. This course helps you to identify consistencies in the personalities, backgrounds, and behaviors for better understanding so easier colloboration can foster.


• Develop the skills to calcuate the sequence of numbers that represent a profile;
• Interprate and understand the report;
• Briefly Explain the meaning of the report;


• The fundamental of Human Behaviour Profiling (HBP) & its importance
• Understanding the HBP chart & its computation
• Identifying area in the HBP chart that indicate us the strengths, weaknesses, personality and character of an individual for better performance
• Performing a simple health analysis thru the use of HBP chart
• Analysing and interpreting the various areas in the HBP chart in a logical & systematic manner
• Identifying areas that require attentions and focus for better self-management
• Highlighting areas that require better relationship management and change initiative
• Career or business choices identification and prioritization
• Human behaviour profiling technique in real life.


The session will be delivered via lecture and discussion. Sample cases will be discussed.


  • A Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon meeting the following criteria.
  • To qualify for the award of the award of the Certificate of achievement, a participant must achieve 100% attendance and participate in all team discussions


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