Up Your Game: Achieving Effective Speaking & Presentation Skills For Business Leaders

Who Should Attend

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Business Owners
  • Board Directors
  • Educators and Trainers
  • Social Media Presenters
  • Government Agencies

Why Is This Important?

Business leaders need to present themselves in their best voices and hold the audience professionally. This course is an important component of a leaders overall development to ensure that the best presentations are made in all business situations from plain simple simple at meetings to delivery to large meetings. No matter your experience and status, its time to up your game and go for your peak performance. 


  • Assess Need for Voice and Presentation Skills
  • Develop Appropriate Voice & Speaking Techniques
  • Understanding the Context for Speaking Professionally
  • Effective Leadership Delivery techniques
  • Achieving the Desired Presentation


The course will cover Basic Presentation Skills: 

  • Assessing and Choosing Your Best Voice for Effective Leadership
  • Techniques for Effortless Voice Production
  • Speaking Professionally in Business Meetings
  • Speaking Etiquette for Different Occasions And Settings
  • Voice techniques for Online and Social Media Presentation

The course will also include Verbal and Non Verbal Communications Skills:

  • Body language – appropriate for small and large physical group meetings,
  • Live presentation on stage or for online and social media presentation,
  • Non-verbal gestures and verbal speaking skills
  • Conveying confidence and authority
  • Making the connection with the audience

The course will include Stage Craft and Public Speaking Skills:

  • Developing a Leadership Frame of Mind
  • Psychology of Public Communication
  • Grooming and Make Up
  • Developing Stage Presence
  • Appropriate wardrobe


The session will be delivered via lecture and discussion, role playing and mock presentations.


  • A Certificate of Attendance will be issued upon meeting the following criteria.
  • To qualify for the award of the award of the Certificate of achievement, a participant must achieve 100% attendance and participate in all team discussions


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